Fitness Motivation Tips

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How to stay focused on your fitness ...

Excited to get back into some training tomorrow morning. To me, there’s no better feeling that starting the week of fresh, focused and full of energy.

If you struggle to motivate yourself to get into your fitness or stay consistent with your training, then try these few things:

1. Set a Physical Goal (weight, fitness, muscle, endurance related)

2. Set a Internal Goal (how you want to feel, why it’s important to you to prioritise your health)

3. TAKE ACTION. Action is the best way to stay motivated. Because you build and build on your past workouts, creating more momentum and more motivation to improve and reach your goals.

4. Get yourself a copy of my Magical Mentoring Program so you can start to understand how to set properly set goals and maximise your rewards.

Maybe you are self sabotaging your results, or maybe you don’t get started because you have a fear of not being good enough, or maybe you just need to create better goals.

These are all the things I walk you through in the Magical Mentoring Program, plus much more. I can guarantee it will add significant value to your life for only a small, one off investment of $135 #winning

So, here's to a productive and positive week ahead ⭐️

Stephanie Rice